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We have a dedicated Talent Acquisition team at Coca-Cola European Partners and every vacancy is managed by a member of that team.  The first step is to apply online - your application will be reviewed and if you meet the requirements, a Recruiter will contact you to discuss your current circumstances, your motivations for the role, and the contributions you'd be able to make.  This is also your opportunity to ask questions and confirm that the role and the company are right for you.  If we are not currently recruiting for a position that meets your requirements, skills and experience then bookmark us, check back regularly and follow Coca-Cola European Partners, Inc. on LinkedIn


Our dedicated Talent Acquisition team source candidates directly.  In the event that we require assistance from agencies, we look to our preferred suppliers.  If you are interested in becoming one of our preferred suppliers, please send your details to

Other Contacts

Please refer to the relevant country website for more information on other contacts including press, media, customer or supplier queries: 

Great Britain




Belgium & Luxembourg





For Investor Relations, Ethics & Compliance or our Registrar & Dividend Disbursing Agent please visit our corporate website

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If you have the personality with the power to influence and connect, if you can sustain the pace to keep on growing and make an impact with your desire to win (what we call THIRST) then Coca-Cola European Partners is the place to quench it. 

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