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Michel Orsini

Key Account Manager
Anderlecht, Belgium

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What does a typical day look like?

I am a Key Account Manager for Delhaize. Together with the National Account Manager I am responsible for the whole project Delhaize. I'm responsible for the promotion plan, the communication plan, the product portfolio, I control the budget, follow up banners within Delhaize and I solve day to day problems. My role is to coordinate this process with several departments. Besides the promotion plan, I manage the communication with our Field Sales team concerning the promotion plan, I create sales booklets and I follow up the national agreements with Delhaize.

“ I consider the teams I'm working in as an organic structure of people working together ”

What is the most inspiring moment you’ve had at CCEP?

Here I would like to refer to 'The Passion Factory' or 'The Première' at the beginning of 2012. This was a very inspiring moment for me. At that time I was working one year for CCEP and I was starting to get to know the company very well. It was a unique experience to see all of the CCEP employees together, all the people that make our day to day business possible every day. It was a day, not only about the company were we are working for, but also about the employees and their talents and personal stories. Seeing all this in combination with each other was very inspiring. 

How does your role work within your team and with your leaders?

On one hand I'm working in a very small team that consists of the National Account Manager and me.  But I consider myself as working in a big team because we work together with several departments. Though there is a hierarchical structure in theory, I do not experience it like this. I consider the teams I'm working in as an organic content of people working together. This structure has grown into a formalization of customer teams that we are building around some of our clients. 

What is your main responsibility within your current role?

Everybody in this company has the same main responsibilities. We have to make sure we generate volume, we have to grow our market share and we have to develop some valuable strategies on short and on long term notice. Specific for my role, I am responsible for everything that has to do with promotions and products and the communication between the different departments and with the clients that I work for. 

How does your current role interact with other departments?

There is an organic interaction between the different departments. The final responsibility concerning the client lies with my team. I get the information that I need from the different departments and the final communication towards the client is my role. I have to make sure I keep abreast of all topline information.