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Mélanie Leroy

Senior Manager, Indirect Procurement
Paris, France

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What does a typical day look like?

At CCEP, procurement is one of the strategic functions and its purpose is to add value. Our job, therefore, is to optimise the company's expenditure, at all levels. 

As I'm in charge of the "Sales & Marketing" portfolio in France, my day-to-day job consists of:

Working with my internal customers to provide them with the best possible service. As a support role, my job is to support them from defining their needs through to selecting and assessing the chosen partner, via key stages such as negotiating the service and setting up contracts for the agreements.

Working side by side with our panel of suppliers. Our aim is to forge long-term relationships with them whilst supporting innovation and the social responsibility and environmental stakes which are central to CCEP's strategy.

Working as a team with all of the buyers in the category on local projects in France, but also on European projects to set our strategies in place.

What have been your biggest challenges in this role?

Social and environmental responsibility is a key factor in CCEP's strategy. Within my procurement category, which is made up mostly of intellectual services, I have to make sure that human rights are being respected, for example, that working conditions comply with the laws in force. As part of our performance assessment programme, one of the greatest challenges is to communicate, raise awareness and put in place action plans with our suppliers, based around this focus on responsibility. I am totally committed to this and it gives meaning to my job.

“ CRS is key in our company's strategy ”

What is the most inspiring moment you’ve had at CCEP?

At CCEP, the most motivational and inspiring experiences cannot be summed up in any single moment more than any other, but rather by a set of common values, a way of being and acting on a daily basis, an extremely enjoyable working environment and atmosphere. To have the opportunity, to manage a team and hold down a job with so many responsibilities is particularly motivating and allows me to grow and develop in a rewarding environment. It's the trust CCEP places in its employees which always pushes me to do better, and to excel in my work every day.

What do you tell your best friend about work on a Friday evening?

I tell them lots of things, because my job is so interesting and the subjects so different, project after project. You never get bored!