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Henning Sommerdal

Oslo, Norway

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What does a typical day look like?

Overall, you might say that it's hectic, fun and challenging! My job is mainly about ensuring that the production line is working as it should. This involves me and my colleagues continually repairing and adjusting the machines, but we try to be one step ahead so that this isn't needed. 

On a typical day there are a lot of people contacting me and my team for various jobs to do with the machines, robots and other technical equipment. It's really motivating when you get a call from someone who has a problem and who maybe is stressed out about it, and then to go in and solve the problem for them there and then. 

We also have a lot of fun on the job. To the point that our laughter reverberates around the ceiling! 

We're pretty much always on-hand with the tools we need to be able to fix things instantly. We also have a small PC for troubleshooting, but more often than not we get by with our technical knowledge and a screwdriver!


What have been your biggest challenges in this role?

Every day brings a lot of challenges both big and small, so it's difficult to pick out one. But one thing that stands out is that there are tremendous technological developments taking place on the site, so you have to keep up to speed. I do this by reading professional journals, discussing things at work, and looking online as well. Fortunately for me, I'm really interested in it, so it's like a hobby too!

“ I have to be ready to constantly improve and that's inspiring, each and every day ”

What is the most inspiring moment you’ve had at CCEP?

That's difficult to answer, you know! Not because there isn't one, but because there are so many! I think it's better to answer why it's so inspiring to work for CCEP. It goes without saying that I have the freedom to develop in my role, and I have managers and colleagues to support me in this. In my job, you have to be ready to constantly improve, and that's inspiring. Each and every day. 

Another thing that I could pick out is that very often I get to see the results of the work I do. My team and I are called to go and solve problems. We rush over, make a diagnosis and get to work. When things work again, it gives you an immediate positive feeling, and it's encouraging to see that colleagues are glad of your help. 


How does your role work within your team and with your leaders?

I work closely with mechanics, operators, team leaders, etc. In many ways you might say that we're a big team, all working towards a common goal and completely dependent on one another. Communication is important both in the team and with the management. By talking together, sharing information and having open dialogue, we can prevent problems from happening more easily.

How does your current role interact with other departments?

It's like I mentioned before, we're totally dependent on having a good flow of information and sharing that information in order to do our best and always be one step ahead of what might happen. Of course it is not always easy within such a hectic schedule, but this is something that we focus on. I work closely with other departments and see the benefit of always trying to help others.